Easter at Home

Pause to Prepare

Identify some areas in your life that are still in bondage.

In light of the resurrection, invite Jesus into those spaces and

thank God for the freedom He gives us.


 To Ponder for the Pulpit

  • When you think of the word hope, what comes to mind?
  • How do you think God grows His hope in the life of a believer?

Process what you heard from the Pulpit

  • Take time to open in prayer, praising God for Easter and the hope of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Read Mark 16:1-8. What would you have felt and thought at the sight of the empty tomb?
  • How is the Hope of God different than the hope of the world?
  • Are there things in your life that are not of God that you have been placing hope in?
  • Where specifically is God asking you to place your hope in Him during this season?
  • Look for ways this week to practice trusting God in the midst of this difficult time.
  • End your time today by thanking God for His kingdom and His righteousness.

This Week at the Dinner Table

  • What is your earliest Easter memory?
  • What was special about Easter for you this year?
  • What was something unique surrounding Easter this year in contrast to years passed?
  • What are things that you tend to put your hope in, instead of Jesus Christ?
  • What passage of scripture do you turn to for hope?

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