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Voyagers Local Outreach (V.L.O.) provides local opportunities to put your faith into action by loving our neighbors in Jesus’ Name.  Partnering with other churches and organizations, we are committed to identifying real needs in our community and responding in tangible ways.  Jesus himself came not to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20:28), and we follow His example. If you are interested in joining any of these projects, simply contact the person listed with the organization below, or click on the project title to sign up!


Here to Help: COVID-19 Response

We are so excited to encourage our True Family to take hold of this opportunity, not only to serve one another but also to lovingly BE the Gospel to our neighbors.  We want to give you some opportunities to do just that!  It is obviously understood that all of these efforts are to be done with respect to the social distancing recommendations and guidelines.   Even still, we want Voyagers to be out there sharing and bearing the burdens of their neighbors. Again, we are not referring to our friends and family at our church, but our actual physical neighbors at home, work and the other various places we go.

First: Click below for a card that can be printed and dropped on your neighbor’s doorstep or in the mailbox as a way of inviting them to share their needs and/or areas where they could use some assistance (we can print some for you if you’d like)..

Second: let’s be a Christ-like representation to the physical neighbors of Voyagers Bible Church. We sit in the heart of three apartment complexes with presumably lower to middle income, multi-cultural families that we want to love on. How great would it be to reach out to these neighbors and ask if they have needs that we can meet?  The Door2Door Local Outreach ministry did this earlier this year and to do it again at a time like this seems only natural. We want to send a team, socially distanced, to drop off those cards on their doorsteps.

Third: we want to host a series of drives that will cater to the needs of the hospitals and households around us.  We have heard that hospitals are in great need of blood and N95 masks. Additionally, we expect there will be households in need of food. So, three things to those ends:

  • We will host a blood drive conducted by the Red Cross and provide a place for people to drop off extra masks that they have, or have made.
  • We will host a Food Give-away conducted by the OC Food Bank for people to come and get what they need at this time, free of charge.
  • We will gather at an appropriate distance to deliver the cards on doorsteps in the apartment complexes adjacent to the church.

We want to address the obvious—these areas of service are UNCOMFORTABLE and will stretch our body of believers. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for being so attuned to the Holy Spirit and preparing us for this with our recent sermon series “Uncomfortable”. I pray we choose to serve even when it is uncomfortable.

If you’d like to get involved in any way please reach out to Leanne Prochnow

CLICK HERE to download your own flyers that you can pass out in your very own neighborhood!

English As A Second Language

An all-volunteer educational and charitable nonprofit organization serving south Orange County. Our principal mission is to assist adults to:

  • Acquire the English language skills they need for daily living
  • Take advantage of employment opportunities
  • Integrate fully into society



English as a Second Language (ESL) classes meet weekly at Voyagers Bible Church. Support ESL by providing snacks for their break time.

First Friday each month drop off snacks, 9:00 – 10:00am at Voyagers Church kitchen. Hang out with ESL students and teachers during break 10:15 – 10:45am


Contact Jim Gustafson.


(651) 357-8437

Lighthouse CM Outreach 

Lighthouse Ministry & Outreach is dedicated to serving the homeless along with all other members in the community. Voyagers Bible Church has teamed up with former attendees Dave and Darchelle Schafer to provide worship, sharing, and a nice meal to those in need.


Great service project for Bible Study groups! Participate with a group to serve the homeless. Cook and serve 100; bring food already cooked. Easy menu and shopping plans available.

Three ways to serve:

Come and serve Food

Shop for and contribute food items such salad, dessert, rolls

Cook food and deliver to Lighthouse


Contact Leanne Prochnow.

Caring Neighbors

Caring Neighbors Ministry puts together teams to help elderly neighbors with handy-man, painting, yardwork, repairs and other needed work around their homes.


Contact Lee Kovacs.

(714) 654-8273


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