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RENEW: Voyagers Counseling Ministry

“Behold, I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5

Are you ready to be Renewed? At Voyagers, we believe in the principle that “with God all things are possible.” We are delighted to come alongside you in this journey seeking renewal for as long as it takes, because God declares that He is “making all things new.”

This is a statement of attitude and is meant to convey the commitment of a group of believers that will encourage and support one who is hurting for as long as it takes. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • individual counseling
  • small group involvement
  • agency referral
  • variety of other mutual action steps

Goal: The goal of RENEW is to provide a resource to individuals that includes helping, healing, wise counsel, and teaching.

Referral: Members of the Voyagers Pastoral Team are available for short term counseling. A Counselor Referral List is available in the church office if long term counseling is needed. This list is comprised of counselors who have worked in cooperation with Voyagers.

Finances: RENEW may provide for those with financial hardship for counseling. The first three visits may be supplemented by the church. The goal of these initial visits is to determine the needs of the client.

Contact: Any questions regarding the counseling ministry and requests for financial support may be submitted to Pastor Mark Vanlandingham, or 949-857-5007 x 424.

Agape Ministry

Voyagers’ Agape Ministry provides one-time financial assistance to people who find themselves in financial crisis as a result of job loss or catastrophic circumstances. It is used primarily for housing, food, clothing, or medical needs, and each request for Agape intervention is weighed on a case-by-case basis.

Based on the example of the apostles in Acts 4:34-35, money for the Agape Ministry comes from a special offering taken both services on the first Sunday of each month.

All requests for Agape Ministry assistance are kept confidential.
Contact Pastor Mark Vanlandingham.

One of three Greek words for love, agape (pronounced “uh-GAH-pay”) is used in Scripture to refer to the love of God, the love of Christ, and the love of Christians for one another. Agape was translated “caritas” in Latin and “charity” in English.

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