Fall for Fall


September 1 — Lead Pastor — Pray for Chris as he finalizes this years’ sermon series.



September 2 — Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS) — Pray for strength in the Lord and wisdom for the leaders as they prepare for the Fall.



September 3 — Student Ministries — Pray for our volunteer leaders and for their dependence on God and for wisdom as they prepare to lead the Junior High and High School ministries this coming 

school year.



September 4 — Church Family — Pray for all of us at Voyagers to grow stronger in our love for God and for one another.



September 5 — Women’s Bible Study — Pray that younger moms would attend in the fall after graduating from MOPS.



September 6 — Men’s Ministry — Pray for God to raise up and develop a strong leadership team.



September 7 — Healing — Pray for individuals and families in our church who need spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational healing.



September 8 — Children’s Ministry — Pray for Cami Marchand as she leads our Children’s Ministry and for parents as they seek to obey God’s call for them to make His name known in their home.



September 9 — Connect Group Ministry — Pray for more and more connecting of one to another as we grow as a True Family in this ministry this Fall.



September 10 — Baptism — Pray for many to sense the importance of baptism and to feel compelled to take this step in their spiritual journey.



September 11— Prayer Focus — Pray for devoted prayer warriors as we pray together as a True Family for God’s help and blessing this fall.



September 12 — Elders — Give thanks for our Elders and ask for God to strengthen them and grant them wisdom.



September 13 — Home Groups — Pray for new leaders and more church-wide participation this fall.



September 14 — Single Women’s Ministry — Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower the leadership of Lisa Lucas and Jacque Kopec and lead more women to this loving group.



September 15 — School has begun — Pray for teachers, administrators, and students that their hearts turn toward Jesus, and their strength and steadfastness are empowered by the Holy Spirit.



September 16 — Children’s Ministry — Pray for God to raise up and empower Godly leaders to train and love the children who come on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights this fall.



September 17— True Family Church Gatherings — Pray for God to unify us in love as we eat, laugh, and connect at the various Voyagers events this year.



September 18 — Worship Ministry — As we join together to worship God on Sundays, may the Holy Spirit lead us into deeper communion with Him.



September 19 — COVID-19 — May God grant our nation’s leaders wisdom and forthrightness in planning and navigating through this time.



September 20 — Multiply/Disciple-making — Pray for many men and women to join this one-on-one and small group Bible training for soaring in Christ and discipling others.



September 21 — Men’s Discipleship Groups — Pray for many men to join these small groups for Bible training, encouragement, prayer and accountability as they begin this fall.



September 22 — Unity in our country over the issue of racism — May God guide us to be part of healing and solutions that can only be found in Jesus.



September 23 — Pray for our pastor’s and director’s spouses — Lesley Hedrick, Annie Brogger, Lauryn Sweet, Heather Gastelum, Casey Cardinio, Joanie Risley, Mike Marchand, Michael Parra, Mike Opre, and Sherry Vanlandingham.



September 24 — God’s Grace at Voyagers — Pray for God’s love, power, wisdom, and boldness as we move together into the fall to bring glory to Him!



September 25 — Sunday Morning teaching ministry — Cover the teaching pastors/guest speakers in prayer as they follow the Holy Spirit in preparing and delivering Sunday morning messages to encourage, edify and challenge the Voyagers family.



September 26 — Local Outreach — Pray for God to help us as we reach out to love and encourage our Voyagers’ neighbors this year.



September 27 — Home Groups at Voyagers — May the Holy Spirit compel our church family to hunger and thirst for righteousness in community with others.



September 28 — Serving mindset — Pray that Voyagers would be known for its service of the local community and beyond.



September 29 — Hospitality Ministry — Pray that all guests on Sunday mornings would feel welcomed and valued and happy that they came.



September 30 — Ben Sweet — Thank God for Ben Sweet and how He used him to lead us in worship this last year.

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