Safety and Security

What does Voyagers do to make sure my kids are safe?

At Voyagers safety for your children is a high priority. Our computer check-in procedures and child safe classrooms offer your child a safe environment. Volunteers are trained by our staff, and each must have a completed background check on file.

What does the Sunday morning check-in process look like?

Our station is centrally located in front of the grey cinder block building for your convenience. After filling out an information form, you will receive a name tag for your child and a claim ticket with a unique code. Please place the name tag on your child and keep the claim ticket to pick up your child after the service.

What if my child needs me while I’m in the sanctuary?

In the event that you are needed, you will receive a text message on your cellphone.

Please feel free to email Davis Gastelum with any questions or concerns.

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