Voyagers at Home | Sunday May 17, 2020

Pause to Prepare

For this week’s pause section, please enjoy a video of Pastor Michael Risley taking us through the A.C.T.S. Prayer.

Worship at Home


To Ponder for the Pulpit

·       Take time to read through Hebrews 9.

·       Describe what you know about the Old Testament sacrificial system.  How did this system fall short in providing final salvation and forgiveness?

·     How does understanding that system help you as a Christ follower under the new covenant?

Process what you heard from the Pulpit

·       What does it mean to be accepted by God?

·       What does it mean to have a “purified conscience”?

·       What did Martin Luther mean when he said, “My conscience is captive to         the Word of God.”

·     Take time to pray and thank Jesus for His work on the cross.

This Week at the Dinner Table

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