Voyagers at Home |Sunday May 10, 2020 | Mother’s Day

Pause to Prepare

  • Read Psalm 42.
  • In a recent podcast, Tim Keller reminds us of the importance of actually taking some time to really listen to ourselves before going to God or others. Along these lines, take a moment to do what the Psalmist models for us in Psalm 42:
    • Pour out your soul to God (v.4).  Share with Him how you are and where you are at.
    • Reorder your hopes (v.5b).  Take a moment to praise God for who and what He is in your life.
  • Reflect on your week with God- your quiet times, prayers, meditations and conversations with Him.  Take notice of those moments and remind yourself of any vital Scriptures, learnings and/or take-aways.

Worship at Home

 To Ponder for the Pulpit

  • Think about the mothers in your life that have impacted you. What about them made that impact?
  • In your experience as a child (and possibly now as a parent), how have you seen the parent-child relationship change over time?
  • What are the “motherly” aspects of God that you appreciate?

Process what you heard from the Pulpit

  • Who in your life has invested in your faith?  Who might God be calling you to invest in?
  • With all of the technology we have at our disposal, challenge yourself to reach out to 3 of those people (including your mother if possible) and thank them for helping to shape your faith.
  • God wants his children to share in joyfulness as we serve alongside of those we’ve invested in.  Think back to a moment when you were able to partner with one of these people in Kingdom building.  How encouraging was it?

This Week at the Dinner Table

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